Tubac Arizona

Tubac, Arizona is a hidden gem nestled in the picturesque Santa Cruz River Valley.  It is a place that captures the hearts of art enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers. This charming village boasts a rich cultural heritage, having once been an integral part of the Spanish colonial system. Today, Tubac continues to thrive as an artist’s haven, with numerous galleries showcasing breathtaking works of art in various mediums. Stepping onto the streets of Tubac feels like stepping back in time.  The old Spanish colonial architecture stands as a testament to the town’s fascinating past.

Furthermore, nature lovers will find solace in Tubac’s stunning natural beauty with its surrounding landscapes.  There are an abundance of hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities. A visit to Tubac is a truly immersive experience, where one can soak up the rich history, admire remarkable art, and revel in the serenity of nature all in one remarkable destination.

Events in Tubac

There are plenty of events happening in Tubac.  In the fall,make plans for the Day of the Dead Procession which celebrates the Dia del los Muertos.  During Spring, attend Bonanza Days and Hawk Watch.  In December, everyone loves the Luminaria Nights de Tubac, one of Tubac’s signature events.  Since Tubac is known as an art community, don’t miss the Art Walks and Festivals.

For more great information about Tubac, visit the chamber of commerce at https://tubacaz.com/

Events in Tubac

Tubac Festival of the Arts

February 7 - February 11

Tubac Spring Art Walk

March 22 - March 24

Tubac Fall Art Walk

November 8 - November 10

Luminaria Nights de Tubac

December 6 - December 7