Tucson Gem Shows

The Tucson Gem Show is biggest and most famous gem show in the world.  This year’s season starts January 25 and ends February 12, 2024.  There are more than 50 shows that are held throughout the city.  Many shows run the entire time while others are held over the weekend.  At the gem shows, you will see rare gemstones, minerals, fossils, petrified wood, jewelry and beautiful rocks. Make plans to visit Tucson during the winter season and visit as many shows as you can. Good luck!

About Tucson Shows

Every year, the city of Tucson, Arizona, transforms into a treasure trove for gemstone enthusiasts from around the world. Known as the Tucson Gem Shows, this annual event attracts gem dealers, jewelry designers, and collectors who gather to explore the vast array of precious minerals and stones. Spanning multiple venues across the city, these shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to admire, purchase, and learn about gems of every imaginable variety. From dazzling diamonds and vibrant sapphires to mystical opals and intriguing fossils, the Tucson Gem Shows truly showcase the wonders of our planet’s geological treasures.

Beyond the exquisite merchandise, the shows also host educational seminars, allowing attendees to delve into the fascinating world of gemology and discover the secrets of these natural masterpieces. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply a lover of beauty, the Tucson Gem Shows offer an unforgettable experience, where the allure of these shimmering marvels captivates all who enter. For the most up to date list of gem shows, visit https://shows.tucsongemshows.net/

Tucson Gem Shows

Gem & Jam Festival

January 31, 2025 - February 2, 2025