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Agave Heritage Festival

The Agave Heritage Festival celebrates the famous agave cactus known as the Century Plant.   The Agave Heritage Festival is held April 18 through April 21, 2024 in Tucson. Get to know all about how agaves are incorporated into food & drinks, as well as in Tucson’s rich cultural history and traditions.  Learn about roasting, fermentation and cooking with the plant through workshops and seminars.  Admission is free to some events, but ticket information can be found on the website https://www.agaveheritagefestival.com/news. Free Tucson Events can be found here.

Here is some more information about the agave plant. The agave plant grows in hot and dry climates, like Mexico and the Caribbean. Some agave plants grow in the southern United States too. The century plant and the blue agave are known for their agave nectar which is typically used as a sweetener.  The agave nectar is also used in making tequila.  Agave plants grow to various sizes but can grow to more than ten feet in height as well as width.  When the plant blooms, it is a spectacular sight, but after it blooms, the plant will die.

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